1 Mile Tips

1 Mile Tips – Race Smart And Fast In The 1500, 1600, Or 1 Mile.

Need 1 mile tips to run a great race? You’ve come to the right place. Hopefully the information here on tips4running can help you develop a strategy that will get you to the finish line faster than you ever have before. These tips can apply for the 1500 meter run, and 1600 meter run as well, since they are all very close in distance.

Before I get into race strategy, you should know that your preseason training is paramount to your success. You should be running in the off-season. If you aren’t make sure you are in some winter sport or activity like basketball, wrestling, cross country skiing, or something that builds your endurance or speed. Now, here are my. Here are my top tips for this classic distance race.

  1. Don’t go out too hard.
    2. Make your move in the middle of the race.
    3. Run big and be aggressive.
    4. Set a goal time for each race.
    5. Race! Try to beat someone down the stretch.

Do you want more details on each tip. Check out the video below, and make sure to read the full description for all of the race tips.


Two of the most important things for this race include running relaxed and fast, and having a race plan.

Fast and relaxed sounds like opposites, but when you tense up your muscles it prevents all the necessary oxygen that should be going to your muscles. Relax your body but still stay fast and smooth. You’ll conserve valuable energy while holding onto a quick pace.

Before you race, make sure to get some running spikes. They are much lighter than a trainer, and make you feel fast. You can compare prices of men’sor women’s running spikes.

This isn’t really a tip, but you should run in the off-season if you are serious about doing your best during the track season. There’s no better way to ensure success during track that with some miles under your belt. Here are my top five 1 mile tips. I hope they can help you with your race plan.

  1. Don’t go out too hard. If you are out way faster than your goal pace, you will burn up and fade towards the end. It also is a painful way to run a race. There is a saying that for every second that you go out too fast, you’ll lose three seconds later in the race.
  2. I always tried to make a move from the 600 meter mark to the 1000 meter mark. Naturally in a race, you will tend to slow down in the middle of the race unless you make a conscious effort to pick up the pace. If you work hard in the middle of your 1500, 1600, or 1 mile race, you will be in good position for the finish. This is easy to say, but incredibly hard to do. The most powerful weapon that you have in your arsenal is your mind. Prepare yourself for making a move like this before the race begins. You are going to be tired at this point of the race, but every other runner will be too. Turn a good race into a great one with a strong move at this point.
  3. Run big!This means keep your area clear when you are running. If someone tries to cut you off, stick your arm out or speed up to bump them away. If you feel like you are boxed in, wedge your way between two other runners. The race can be physical, but if you run big, people will stay out of your running space. Runner’s gain reputations that precede them. If people know you don’t let other runners get in their way, they’ll steer clear in advance.
  4. Know your goal pace. In college I knew my pace was around 65 seconds per 400 meters. I wouldn’t go out faster than 63 seconds, and I always tried to run the middle part of the race no slower than 67 seconds per 400 meters. Work on pacing in practice so you know what your goal pace feels like. Remember to stay relaxed and fast.
  5. Kick it home. You actually use a different part of your muscles for the kick, called your fast twitch muscles. No matter how tired you feel, there is still gas in the tank. Put your head down, lift up your knees, get on your toes and power down the last straight away.

I hope some of these 1 mile tips help. They call the 1 mile run the glamour race of track. It is a beautiful mix of speed and endurance. Use your speed, strength, and intelligence to run a glamorous race the next time you lace up your spikes.

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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