3200 Meter Tips

3200 Meter Tips – Develop a great strategy for racing the 3k, 3200, or 2 Mile.

Need some 3200 Meter Tips to help you through your next race? Look no further. The 3k, 3200, or two mile race is considered a middle distance race, even though it is the longest track event at most high schools. You still need to be fast, but running a steady race is much more important in this event that those shorter in distance.

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1. In any race, you need to run run relaxed and fast. I know relaxed and fast might sound like opposites, but you actually run much quicker if you can relax your muscles, but still push yourself to run fast.

Here is a video going over some of the strategies that I am sharing in this article. The race footage is from various high school track meets in Wisconsin.

2. Run your own race. The 3K, 3200, or two mile is relatively long. Don’t depend on other runners to help you out. They might go out too hard or too slow for you.

3. Unless you love feeling awful the whole race, don’t go out too fast. You probably won’t run a great time, and you’ll just end up getting passed by the rest of the field as the race goes on.

4. If you do get out too quick, hang on. Today might be the day you run your fastest race, and if you are out fast, hold on as long as you can. A good thing to do in this case is if there is someone by you, just hang on to them as long as you can. You might surprise yourself with an excellent time.

5. Push the pace after 2000 meters. Most runners will naturally push a little bit after the first mile. Hang with them, but then make a move at 2000 meters. If you are on an outdoor track, this point comes at the start of the fifth lap. Making a move here is a great way to ensure a good time.

6. Kick it home! You use slow twitch muscles for most of the race. For the last 200 meters, get into your best sprint form and activate those fast twitch muscles. It will hurt, but the faster you run, the faster you’re done.

Hopefully one or more of these tips will help you in your next race. Race smart, race strong, race tough. Good luck!

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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