5K Training Schedule – From Jenny Scherer

5K Training Schedule – From Jenny Scherer

The following 5K Training Schedule is for Advanced Runners. This is a look into a typical week of training for Jenny Scherer during her collegiate running career. Scherer has been an NCAA All American multiple times in track and cross country. Her PR’s include 17:05 in the 5K and 35:21 in the 10K. Currently, she is competing in her final collegiate cross country season for St. Norbert in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Jenny Scherer wasn’t a great runner in high school. In fact, she never ran at the state meet in either track or cross country. The reason she has become such a great runner over the past four years is because of intelligent planning and consistent hard work. This is a 5k Training Schedule and a 10k Training Schedule as Jenny runs both of these events during the track season.

My Typical Week of Training

All my runs are preceded with a dynamic warm-up of high knees and active stretching and are followed by a series of static stretches and foam rolling.

Sunday: Weeks always start with a Sunday Long Run, generally between 11-15 miles. Generally run at a little less than 2 minutes slower than race pace. (for me, race pace is approximately 5:35, and my Long Run pace is approximately 7:20)

Monday: Recovery run of 6-8 miles in the morning 4-5 miles in the afternoon These recovery runs are usually around 1 ½ minutes slower than race pace, so for me they are run at around 7:00 pace. Weight/strength training after my 2nd run – consisting of squats or lunges, push-ups and core – work with physioball and medicine balls. Runs are generally preceded with a dynamic warm-up of high knees and active stretching and are followed by a series of static stretches and foam rolling.

Tuesday: Workout day – anything from repeat 400’s to a 4-5 mile tempo run. Total run for the day is approximately 8-12 miles. Light core exercises after the workout.

Wednesday: Recovery run in the morning of 5-7 miles Afternoon run of 4-6 miles or bike/cross train 35-40 minutes Weight/strength training after my 2nd cardio session – band/glute strengthening exercises, push-ups, core, lunges, stability ball strength work (such as leg curls on the stability ball). Sometimes I’ll ice bath after my Wednesday afternoon training session.

Thursday: Workout day – again, can be anything from 400 repeats to a tempo run. 8-12 miles total. Followed by a body weight circuit of push-ups, sit-ups, supermans, lunges, etc. No dumbbells required.

Friday: Generally a pre-meet day – light run of 5-7 miles. 6-8 strides done afterwards as well as a bit of core (such as front/side planks)

Saturday: Race Day. Warm-up of 20 minutes, followed by active stretching. Get to the starting line about 10 minutes early and do strides – and when the gun goes off, everything changes… the world changes… and nothing else really matters! 🙂 Always stretch and foam roll after a race, ice areas that are sore.

– Written by Jenny Scherer

Note – This is a very advanced 5k training schedule. It takes years to build up to this level of training. A 5K stands for five kilometers. A 5k in miles is 3.1 miles long.

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