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Beginner Running Tips.  Start Your Running Program Here.

Use the following beginner running tips to help you keep moving. If you can get yourself out that door to run, you win. You will get in better shape, feel better about yourself, and maybe you’ll grow to love running. It was tough for me at first, but I stuck with running. Running got easier, and now running is a major part of my life.

Here are three different workout ideas to help you get started with running consistently. Pick the one that you feel you could complete based on your current level of fitness.

1. The easiest way to start – Walk to Jog Workouts

2. A good starting point if you are moderately active – Walk and Jog Workouts

3. Start running right away – Beginner Jog Workouts

Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any new physical activity. I coach high school cross country, and my runners are required to have a physical every two years. You should follow this routine too. Safety first! Below is a beginner running tips video explaining how you can build up your running endurance.

Here is a little more information on each workout. Remember, each program is progressively harder.

1. The Walk to Jog Workouts If you have not been active at all in the past few years, I recommend these beginner running tips workouts. You begin by walking for two weeks before you start jogging. Gradually you will build up your endurance so you can run continuously for 20 minutes.

2. The Walk and Jog Workouts If you are somewhat active, but feel you are in not so good shape, try this option. You will begin by walking and mix in jogging each workout. Eventually you will be jogging continuously for 20 minutes.

3. Beginner Jog Workouts If you are raring to go and start running right away, try these workouts. You should be in moderately good shape.

Now that you are commited to running, invest in a nice pair of running shoes. You don’t have to get shoes that are top of the line, but you should stick to the brand names. Look for good deals by comparing prices of Men’s and  Women’s Shoes here.

A watch really helps too. If you don’t know what type of watch you need, look at the running watch information along with other running gear. If you aren’t ready to buy a running watch, any watch with a third hand or a digital timer will do for beginners.

Finally set some goals for yourself. Starting a running program is the hardest part. They say it takes a month to develop a good habit. Set some smart goals to help you through. Be realistic, and stick to your goals to guarantee success.

If you want to know how hard you are working, check and see how many calories you burn running. Compare your weight to the distance you traveled for an estimate of the calories burned. Running is a fantastic way to lose weight.

Now you have shoes, a watch, and you have set your goals. Want some extra motivation? Use one of my running programs, and then Contact tips4running to share your success. I will put your beginner running success story on the blog.

For a complete 10 week program, sign up for the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Program. This plan is a complete guide for the beginner runner.

This is a straightforward, step-by-step plan that will double the amount of weight you can lose by walking or running. All the beginner running tips are right in this 80 plus page book. Also included are 12 instructional videos to help you understand each workout.

This isn’t a typical weight loss program. The strategies included help you change the way you view fitness. There are no ridiculous exercise routines that you won’t stick with. There are no strange tools or equipment that you need to buy. Start Walking, Get Running, and Lose Weight is filled with common sense strategies for managing the food you eat and simple but very effective exercise plans that ease you into shape.

The goal is not to shock your body into fear of exercise. The goal of this plan is to create an enjoyable routine you can stick with for life.

Let’s look at the three reasons why Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight works so well.

The plan is broken into three sections.

First – Set goals. It’s impossible to reach your destination if you don’t know where you want to go. How much weight do you want to lose? How far do you want to run? How much do you want to walk? These questions can help you understand how to set smart goals. Once you have an ultimate goal in mind, you can set smaller step-by-step goals to help you be successful in the short term and the long term.

Second – Manage your food intake. This plan doesn’t require you to go on some specific diet. You don’t have to eat strange things or drink nasty shakes. You do have to be conscious about what you are eating. How do you do that? The plan breaks it down so you understand why you need to be aware of exactly what you are eating, and how to make sure you are putting the right things in your body.

Third – Follow an exercise routine. This plan works you into shape very gradually. Walking and running are both activities you can do for your entire life. Each routine works you towards better fitness in specific week-by-week schedules. Not interested in running, but want to improve the quality of your walks? There’s a five-week schedule for you. Want to ease your way into running by alternating running and walking. There is a ten-week schedule for you. Want to start running right away? There is a ten-week schedule for you. Interested in the latest craze, barefoot running? There are guidelines and tips to follow for that too.

It’s never one little secret that transforms someone who is out of shape or overweight into a fit and trim walker or runner.

If you truly want to lose weight and keep weight off, then you need to start using a complete walking or running training program.

A system that can make sure you are exercising correctly, keeps you motivated, and helps you stick with an active lifestyle. That’s why this is more than just a walking or running schedule…

What else is included?

◦ 12 instructional videos. Some of the subjects include strength exercises for stronger and tighter abs, how to improve your running form from head to toe, how to start a food journal, a stretching routine to follow before and after a run, and how to set smart goals.
◦ Seven great cross training activities you can incorporate into your workout routine.
◦ Five tips on injury prevention.
◦ Research based strategies for goal setting and eating healthy.
◦ Free printable food journal pages and free printable smart goal sheets.

What’s not included?

◦ Ridiculous workout routines,
◦ Goofy exercise equipment,
◦ Magic weight loss potions…

This plan is unique when compared to the fads diet plans and extreme exercise routines. You don’t have to learn some new dance steps. You don’t have to find a place in your home for some new exercise contraption. You don’t have to drink awful concoctions or take strange supplements.

I want you to develop a healthy lifestyle. I want you to lose weight and keep weight off. I don’t care if you lose four pounds in one week, or forty pounds in three months. That would be nice, but…

I care about introducing you to a healthy and active lifestyle.

I care about you losing the extra pounds forever!

Have you heard enough? Want to start walking or running and lose weight now? Then sign up below.

If you want beginner running tips on a particular running program before you click on a link or sign up for the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Plan, just keep reading past the first list for more information.

Running got easier, and now running is a major part of my life. For a complete and guide on beginner running, follow the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Plan. Enough beginner running tips, get out that door and go for a run!

– Beginner Running Tips Article Written by David Tiefenthaler

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