Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

Boston Marathon Qualifying Times

Below are the Boston Marathon qualifying times for 2014.  There are only 25,000 entries allowed to run the race each year.    The qualifying window for the 2014 Marathon opened on September 22, 2012 and will be open until late September of 2013.

***Entry for the Boston Marathon in 2013 is now closed.***

– The 2014 Boston Marathon will be difficult to qualify compared to previous years. The standards were lowered two years ago. All of the age and gender categories will be five minutes faster, just for the chance to register for the marathon.

Use The 100 Day Marathon Plan to help you qualify for Boston

Minimum Boston Marathon Qualifying Times 2013-2014

Age – – – – – Men – – – – – Women

18-34 – 3hrs 05min – 3hrs 35min
35-39 – 3hrs 10min – 3hrs 40min
40-44 – 3hrs 15min – 3hrs 45min
45-49 – 3hrs 25min – 3hrs 55min
50-54 – 3hrs 30min – 4hrs 00min
55-59 – 3hrs 40min – 4hrs 10min
60-64 – 3hrs 55min – 4hrs 25min
65-69 – 4hrs 10min – 4hrs 40min
70-74 – 4hrs 25min – 4hrs 55min
75-79 – 4hrs 40min – 5hrs 10min
80&up; – 4hrs 55min – 5hrs 25min

The times for 2013 and 2014 also mean you have to be exactly at or under the listed time. For example, if you are in the Men’s 18-34 Division, you have to run 3:10:00 or under. You won’t qualify with a 3:10:01 through 3:10:59 anymore.

The registration dates have not yet been announced for the 2014 marathon race.

At, we are assuming the same registration process for the 2013 Boston Marathon will apply for Boston Marathon qualifying times in 2014. Here is how it worked this year.

The 2013 registration process allowed the faster runners to register first. Here are the details. Make sure you check your age and gender category above.

Week One of Registration
Sep. 10, 2012 – Qualifiers 20 minutes or under the qualifying times listed above.
Sep. 12, 2012 – Qualifiers 10 minutes or under.
Sep. 14, 2012 – Qualifiers 5 minutes or under.

Week Two of Registration If necessary
For the 2013 race, there were still people who could register. It didn’t fill up in week one. On Sep. 17th, all qualifiers could register. However, this didn’t mean you have been accepted into the race automatically.

On September 21st, applicants who register during the second week of registration are notified if they qualified for the race. All the applications will be processed, and the fastest runners from the second group of applications will be allowed in.

If there are still slots open after week two, which there was when people registered for the 2013 race, it goes to a third week of registration.

Week Three of Registration If necessary
For the 2013 race, it went to the third week. All open slots were filled first come first serve, for anyone who had the qualifying standard. This wasn’t the case for the 2012 race, so don’t assume your time if you just sneak in will get you in the race.

***On September 26th of 2011, the Boston Athletic Association released what the cut off times were for the race in 2012. This is word for word what the BAA said about qualifying for the upcoming race.

“Those who had a verified qualifying performance of one minute, 14 seconds or faster than the eligible standard for their age group have been accepted into the race.”***

Exceptions – The Boston Athletic Association recognizes that it has a rich history and wants to honor those who have raced often in the past. Because of this, runners that meet the qualifying times, and who have finished the last ten consecutive Boston Marathons can enter anytime during the registration period. This won’t affect the field too much because there are only about 500 runners who have run 10 or more consecutive Boston Marathons.

***According to the BAA only 277 Boston Marathon qualifying times fell in this category that were accepted into the 2012 race.***

Price – The entry fee is $150 for U.S. residents and $200 for international competitors.

You might be wondering, why did the qualifying standards change to faster times? In the past few years, there has been a tremendous surge in the amount of marathon runners all over the country, and the world for that matter. The Boston Marathon has been flooded with applicants. Here’s a video about qualifying for Boston in 2014.

Not all marathons meet the requirements for Boston. If you want to run in Boston, make sure you are running on a certified Marathon course. There are two different websites that list qualifying marathons for Boston. U.S.A. Track and Field, and The Association of International Marathons.

If you are serious about qualifying for Boston in the future, start training now. Also, running just under the qualifying time doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the big race. Do you want a Coach to guide you through your training? Use ThunderDome Running for Individualized Training Plans to help you qualify for Boston.

Would you rather follow an excellent pre-designed plan? Follow the best marathon book out there and qualify early. Run a faster time, so you don’t get left out in 2014. It’s not too early to train, even for the 2014 race because the qualifying window is already open. Any marathon run on or after September 22, 2012 at a certified qualifying marathon course can be used as Boston Marathon qualifying times in 2014. Good luck!

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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