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The CarrotsNCake Interview. Talking with Tina Haupert, creator of is proud to welcome Tina Haupert for an interview. Tina runs Carrots ‘N’ Cake: A Food Blog Devoted to a Healthy Balance. The web world is filled with extreme health where you eat nothing but carrots and no cake. Tina believes in eating healthy, but you can enjoy some cake in moderation, of course. Carrots ‘N’ Cake has more than just food recipes, it also includes exercise routines, weight loss tips, and some guest posts. She also describes her daily meals, and includes her exercise routines.

David Tiefenthaler – Thank you Tina for the interview. When did you start up your site, Carrots ‘N’ Cake?

Tina Haupert – February 2008.

DT – What is your favorite section to write about? You have recipes, fitness, weight loss, and review different products, restaurants, and wine

TH – I like writing all of the sections, but I especially love reviewing restaurants. I always have so much to say about them! Plus, eating out and trying new dishes are always a treat for me!

DT – One of my favorite parts of your site is your weight loss story. What motivated you to start eating better and begin exercising?

TH – I got to the point in my life where I was unhappy about so many aspects of my life. When I realized a lot of my unhappiness related to my lifestyle and weight gain, I knew that I needed to make a change. I just needed that “kick in the butt” to get started!

DT – When you changed your diet, did you increase the amount of exercise you were doing?

TH Maybe a little bit, but I’ve always been an avid exerciser. Changes in my diet (and overall lifestyle) affected my weight loss the most.

DT – About how much do you run a week right now?

TH – Well, I’m currently on the “injured list.” I’ve run into some IT band issues, so my weekly milage has dropped down to 10 miles or less.

DT – Are you training for any specific races in the future?

TH – I just completed my first half marathon yesterday! Here’s my recap.

DT – Congrats on finishing that race. Even with a bad IT Band and all. You mention your favorite running workout is intervals. Can you describe a typical interval workout?

TH – I end up running on the treadmill for much of the winter. (I’m not a fan of cold weather!) My typical interval workout keeps things interesting by varying speeds and inclines on the treadmill. It’s never the same thing twice! Here are some of my favorites:

DT – Let’s move on and talk about the food. One great part about your site is all the pictures you take of your snacks and meals. I love them, but why so many photos of the food? Do a lot of your visitors like the photos just like me?

TH – To help me stay on track with my eating and exercising for my upcoming wedding, which was last July, I tracked everything I ate with photos. I soon realized that it is very time-consuming to do this, so now my blog is a mish-mash of info about healthy eating, fitness, and living well.

DT – You are a certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant though the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). What does it take to get this certification?

TH – The AFPA certification took just 3 months to complete as a home-study course. I learned a ton from it and it was awesome to build that type of nutrition base knowledge, especially for my blog. It reminded me of a college course with what information it covered and its required work (a take-home exam and a case study).

DT – I loved your post about Sunday Prep. Can you describe how what you do on Sundays and how helps you to eat healthy for the work week?

TH – Plan, plan, plan! It’s so much harder to make a healthy decision when we are pressed for time (and starving)!

DT – I looked at your favorite recipes, and I am going to definitely make your Chili with the Whole Wheat Bread on the side. What is your favorite recipe to make?

TH – Oatmeal Raisin Bars. I make these a couple times a month– either for myself or for friends and family.

DT – What do you enjoy making and eating for dessert the most?

TH – Oatmeal Raisin Bars! I love this recipe! It’s mostly nutritious and very delicious!

DT – In addition to running your site Carrots ‘N’ Cake, you contribute to some other sites. Where else can we find your tips and information on the web?

TH – I also write a weekly post for Health. You can find my posts here.

DT – The reason I enjoy your site as opposed to other health food web pages is you do things in moderation instead of going all out health to the extreme. You stress eating healthy, but you can have a delicious snack or dessert from time to time. You also do some great workouts, but aren’t spending four hours of every day in the gym. Do you think you have such a great audience on your blog because you are realistic about your health goals?

TH – Yes, I do! I think living a healthy lifestyle is realistic for many people, especially if they don’t stress about the nitty-gritty of nutrition and fitness. Living well should be fun and stress-free!

DT – Thank you for your time Tina. Keep up the great work on Carrots ‘N’ Cake!

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