Good Running Shoes For You

Good Running Shoes For You.

How can you find good running shoes? Should you go for the most expensive? What about the coolest new brand? When it comes to picking the right shoe for you, get the best fit.

It’s that simple. If you are looking at buying some good running shoes, compare prices on Men’s and Women’s Shoes here.

Before you buy, it helps if you know your foot type. If you don’t know what shoes fit your foot type, go to your local store running store and try some on. Here’s a written review of the current pair of shoes I’m wearing, Saucony Trainers with a 8mm heel drop. The video review is below.

Before I go any further, you should know there are a lot of different types of good running shoes. This page focuses on trainer running shoes. A list of the other types are below. Check each link for more information on each shoe type.

1. Trail Running Shoes
2. Racing Flats
3. Running Spikes
4. Running Sandals
5. Barefoot Running Shoes
6. Minimalist Running Shoes

Recently, many runners have been taking their shoes off and going barefoot. If you are interested in running with no shoes at all, read about barefoot running here.

Visit a store that specializes in running shoes if you want to try on shoes to find your fit. They can hopefully assess the type of shoe that is right for your foot. Some runners have an issue with their foot hitting the ground not quite right which is called overpronation.

How can you tell if you overpronate? Look at a pair of shoes you have worn for a while. If the inside of the toe area is worn, and the outside of your heal is worn down more than the rest of the bottom of your shoe, you probably overpronate.

You may need a motion control shoe. These offer much more stability than a regular training shoe. You might need orthodics as well. My wife had problems for a while until she got prescription orthodics from a podiatrist (the foot doctor). These orthodics are custom made for your foot.

I insisted on wearing Nike shoes when I was in high school. They were the coolest! Problem was, they were too narrow for my clod hopper feet. My poor arches were always sore.

Finally, I gave in to the advice of the shoe salesman. It’s all about the fit. I tried on a bunch of other shoes then and found Asics and Saucony shoes fit me perfectly. I overpronate a little, so I needed some motion control but no orthodics.

Does this mean Saucony or Asics shoes are right for you? I can’t tell you that. Go to the store. Try some shoes on. Listen to what the experts at the store say. See what fits when you take a lap around the aisles. For more detailed information on how to pick the right shoes for you visit The Running Shoe Wizard where you can find information on Nike Running Shoes and many other brands.

Above are a Men’s Saucony Guide 5, which I wear, and my wife wears the Women’s Saucony Triumph 9.

It helps to get an idea on what price your specific pair of shoes costs before you buy at the store. Before you go buy pair at shoe store, compare prices of Men’s and Women’s Shoes here.
That way you can tell if you are getting a great deal or just getting ripped off.

Should I buy a generic brand of shoe? That might be going too cheap. Good running shoes are usually made by major shoe companies. Some quality brand names for running include Adidas, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Saucony, and Spira.

I am a bit intrigued by Spira running shoes. They claim to make you faster because of their spring coils in the sole of the shoe. I am interested because they could help prevent some of the pounding that tends to make my knees hurt.

Remember that there are a lot of other shoe types out there. Trail Running ShoesRacing FlatsRunning Spikes, and even Running Sandals. No matter the shoe type, make sure it fits right.

Now go buy some good running shoes and get out that door! It’s time to test them out.

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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