Reflective Running Clothes Tips

Reflective Running Clothes Tips. What you should wear, and where to get the gear.

If you run on the roads, get some reflective running clothes. People can and do get hit by cars when running. Sometimes people get hit by no fault of there own. The driver didn’t see the runner. Help the drivers see you right away. Get the gear that gets you noticed.

Now if you are running on the trails, don’t worry about bright colors and reflective gear. This is one way to say safe. Stay off the roads. I like to run on bike paths and sidewalks when they are available. If I am on the road, and a car is coming by, I always run on the road side. Even if it is all full of overgrown weeds, I don’t want to get hit by a car.

The best reflective running clothes out there illuminate when light hits them. These clothes don’t look gaudy when you see them in regular light either. You can look here at different Men’s and Womens reflective clothing.You can buy hats, shirts, vests, jackets, straps, and running tights with illuminate on them.

Another way to make reflective running clothes is to buy some reflective tape. Go to a fabric store, and you can buy a strip of reflective fabric or tape. If you can sew, put a couple stripes on a vest or jacket you run in. You can save some money doing it this way.

If it really dark where you are running, you can buy a light that straps onto the top of your head. It looks like you are going to go mining somewhere. I like to see where I am stepping, so I suggest this for a real dark run.

Blinking L.E.D. lights can be clipped on to your running clothes too if you are still worried about being seen. You might look like a moving Christmas Tree, but you’ll be safe.

In addition to running with the right clothes, run on the correct side of the road. You should always run towards the traffic. That helps because you can see the cars coming towards you. It is easier to avoid a car coming towards you, than a car coming from behind you. My old coach would joke, “You want to see what car hit you.”

Being safe at night is important, but be safe during the day too. During the day time, I still wear bright colors. Yellow, orange, light blue, or any color that stands out will do. You still need to look before you decide to cross a road. I always tell my cross country runners this on the first day. A pedestrian may have the right of way, but a car will always win in a collision. Safety First!

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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