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The Right Running Clothes for Hot or Cold Weather.

There is a lot of different running clothes out there these days. Let tips4running sift through the material and inform you on what to wear in whatever weather you encounter.

First of all, don’t spend too much money! You might want to invest some money in nice running shoes, but you don’t need to pay top dollar for quality running clothes.

Let’s start with the first layer. Socks and underwear. There are a lot of fancy socks out there for running, but if you feel comfortable with cotton socks, stick with them. If your feet have some problems with wear and tear or blisters, then compare prices of socks made specifically for running.

Next, for the men, you should probably run with some support. Whatever you do, don’t wear boxers. It really isn’t healthy for your reproductive system to suffer through a run with no support. Hopefully that convices you to compare prices of different running underwear. There are plenty of choices out there: briefs, jocks, or compression shorts.

For the women, you should get some support by investing in a nice sportsbra. A regular bra doesn’t support you as well, and running causes a lot of stress on the ligaments around your chest. A sportsbra keeps everything in place much better and prevents any stretching of these supportive ligaments. Normal underwear doesn’t breath well either, so look into running underwear that wicks away sweat. If you are looking to purchase either of these items, compare prices of running bottoms, and sports bras here.

Onto the next layer of clothing. In hotter weather all you need are shorts and a shirt. I suppose you don’t need a shirt when it is real hot, but sometimes a nice tech shirt actually can keep you cooler than no shirt at all. A tech shirt grabs the sweat and wicks it away from your body. This can keep you drier and cooler. Look for the same nylon or polyester material for shorts. This material is much better than cotton. Cotton is heavier, doesn’t breath well, and doesn’t dry off if it gets wet.

Don’t spend too much money on a tech shirt. They are all pretty much the same. The only advice I have is lighter colors are better for hot weather. Dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect the sunlight. Compare prices here for running shorts and running tech shirts.

In cold weather, you should wear the same outfit as you would for a warm day, plus some layers. Make sure you have a tech shirt on for the first layer. This shirt will wick away your sweat. On a cold day, a cotton shirt will absorb your sweat. If the wind gets to you that wet shirt will get awfully cold.

A simple rule to follow is add one layer of running clothes for every twenty degrees below sixty Fahrenheit. That means at least two layers for 40 degrees(around 5 C), three for 20 degrees(around -5 C), and four at zero degrees Fahrenheit(around -15 C). Thin layers is the way to go because air gets trapped between each layer. The air in these layers heats up as you run. You’ll stay warm and won’t feel so bogged down by a ton of clothing.

For your legs you should wear two layers if it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I wear tights underneath my pants when it is this cold. Check prices on long sleeve running shirts,  running tights,  and running pants here.

When it’s cold you should really wear a hat and gloves. Your head is actually where most of your body heat escapes. Keep a lid on yourself to keep the heat in. My hands always get cold in frigid weather. I just wear a pair of light gloves.

I hope this helps you understand what running clothes you need no matter what the weather is like outside. Now get yourself dressed and get out that door.

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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