Investigate Running Gear Right Here

Investigate Running Gear Right Here

Running is a simple activity, but Running Gear can add to your enjoyment. Always remember what your gym teacher (or science teacher) said, “Safety First.” You can time your runs and record your routes. You can run in nice clothes that keep you cool or warm, and safe. You can even bring along the family for a run.

Below is a list of all the different running clothes and running gear you can use for a jog or a race. If you are looking for running clothes, you can compare prices of the best stuff for sale on the web for Men andWomen. My latest purchase is an iPod shuffle. It’s nice and small for my distance runs. It also keeps me from losing my mind when I have to run on a treadmill and go nowhere. For more information specific running gear, or keep reading past this list.

1. Running clothes are fairly simple. All you need is shorts and a T-Shirt when it’s nice outside. When it is cold, you need to wear clothes in layers.

2. Wear bright clothes or Reflective Running Clothes to keep you safe if you run on the roadside.

3. Get a Running Watch to keep track of the time you are exercising.

4. A GPS Running Watch can keep track of the time and the route that you are running. Click on the picture below for a full review of the Garmin 410 Forerunner.

5. Maybe you have a young one. Push them along when you run in a Running Stroller for a family workout.

Want more information? Great! If you want detailed information on shoes, visit The Running Shoe Wizard which has detailed information the major brand name shoes like Asics running shoes. The most important thing besides shoes for running is the clothes you wear.

1. For hotter temperatures, wear light colored clothes. Make sure you protect your skin with suntan lotion if you aren’t wearing much clothing. Don’t forget about protecting your face with suntan lotion or a lightweight running hat. When it is cooler, wear clothes in layers. Don’t wear a big bulky sweatshirt. You actually would stay warmer with two lighter long sleeved t-shirts.

The best shirts out there for running are called performance tech shirts. They are made with polyester which wicks the sweat away from your body. This is imporant for me because I tend to sweat a bit. These shirts also help in cooler weather because I still sweat in the cold running with the wind. Then when the wind hits me, it really feels cold if I don’t have a shirt that wicks the sweat away from my body. Some of the older shirts like this tend to smell a bit after a few uses. Most of these shirts are now antimicrobacterial, which means they won’t smell bad after you wash them out.

2. Wearing reflective running clothes is also important if you run when it is dark outside. There are some great reflective clothes out there that don’t look like road worker vests. The new illuminate clothes only shine bright when direct light hits them. Check prices of reflective gear here.

3. Next up is a running watch. I love the Timex watches. I have had a bunch because I lose them often. (I take them off when I am not running, and who knows where they go). If you are serious about improvement, get a watch and see how much faster or longer you can run. Any watch with a stop watch mode will do. Time yourself on every route. Write these times down, run the routes again, and see if you are getting faster. Compare prices here for different running watches.

4. GPS watches are one of the newest things in running gear, but they are relatively expensive. I check out what routes I run by mapping them online. A GPS watch can monitor your route and distance for you. This is the ultimate in instant running information. I know a few runners who have a GPS watch, and they love them dearly. See if a GPS watch is in your price range.. To see an in depth review of a specific GPS watch, you can read a Garmin Forerunner Review. In this review, you can see all the different tools it has, as well as the data it generates when you upload your information from the watch to the Garmin Connect website, or to an online running log that accepts Garmin Data called Running AHEAD. For a video of me wearing a Garmin GPS watch as I run, check out this Garmin GPS Watch Video Review. I also was able to talk to a representative from the Garmin company about their GPS watches. This information is also included in the article.

5. My wife and I have three kids all under the age of four. Running strollers are a must for our family. That is my son, eating his brownie sitting in the stroller. It was really cold out the day I decided to add this photo, so I took the stroller inside. You can get some nice strollers for less than $100. You really don’t have to exert much more effort than you think with a running stroller on a flat route. Plus your kids will enjoy the ride. I really do suggest running a flat route though. Hills are brutal pushing that extra weight in the running stroller. Compare prices here for different running strollers.

Now, get some running gear. Monitor your time and routes, wear clothes that keep you safe. Maybe even push your kids around. There is a lot of things out there that add to the running experience. Get the gear, and get out that door!

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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