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The Running Mom Interview – A Chat With Anna Stein of

Anna Stein is the creator of the website Running Mom. Not only does she run the website, she is, of course, a runner and mother. Her interview with tips4running focused on her marathon running, an ultra marathon race, and some helpful tips for running mothers.

David Tiefenthaler – What inspired you to start your website, Running Mom, and when did you start the website up?

Anna Stein – When I first became a running mom, I had no idea what I was doing. I loved running, but I had no idea how to run while pushing a jogging stroller or what bra to wear that I could nurse and run in. None of my running friends were moms and none of my mom friends were runners, and I didn’t find much by googling it either. So I decided to start my own site, share my experience and try to find other running moms. I started the site in June of 2008 and 2 years later I’ve met a lot of great running moms and gotten to share a lot of great experiences.

DT – Did you run high school track or cross country, or did you get into running later on?

AS – I had no interest in running as a kid.

DT – Why do you enjoy running?

AS – For so many reasons, but mostly because everything seems better after a run. I love the theme song from Norma Rae, “Maybe what’s good gets a little bit better and maybe what’s bad gets gone.” That’s what running does for me.

DT – I love your logo, the super hero mom pushing the baby stroller. How did you come up with that idea?

AS – Only another running mom knows what villains she had to fight just to get out the door. She’s a wonder mom 😉

DT – You are a serious runner, having completed a 30 mile ultra marathon. Can you describe how you trained for this race, and how the race went?

AS – Ummmmm. LOL It was fun. While I was training for this, for some reason my son decided he no longer liked sitting in the jogging stroller. So I couldn’t go for long runs. What helped me get my training in anyway, was back to back semi-long runs. So if I was supposed to do a 20 mile long run on Saturday, instead I’d do 13 miles on Saturday and 7 miles on Sunday. It was painful.

DT – Why run an ultra marathon? Did you finish a marathon before and say, “You know, 26.2 miles just isn’t far enough.”

AS – Yup, that’s exactly what I said. Since starting, I’ve met some moms who run some crazy mileage. I paced for a woman in July who is training to run her second 100 mile race. Another who runs in the mountains and is running her second 50 mile race. So, all of the sudden 26.2 miles just didn’t seem far enough. I guess you accomplish a goal and then you say, what next? 30 miles was next.

DT – How do you balance running with work and parenting?

AS – Well luckily, other than the short stunt during my 30-miler training, my son likes sitting in the jogging stroller. I work from home and find it hard to get anything done with a toddler. But running is the one thing my son and I enjoy doing together. It’s the one (or sometimes two) time(s) of day that I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.

DT – Do you get many visitors like me, a running dad, to your site?

AS – Actually you’re the first running dad I’ve talked too. It’s fun. I do meet a lot of running dads in the park. That’s fun too. It’s always fun to meet another running mom or dad in the park and compare jogging strollers, give each other a smile and a thumbs up or get a little competitive over who can push the stroller up the hill faster.

DT – What would your top three tips be for a mom who wants to start running?

AS – 1) Getting outside is the hardest part, so don’t even think about it. Just put on your shoes, put your kid in the stroller and get out the door and you’re good to go 😉

2) There’s always someone who can run faster, farther, and maybe even keep a cleaner house on the side. But only you know what it took to get to where you are. You’re only real competition is yourself. So set a goal that’s challenging, yet achievable and work towards that. I do this once a month and it really helps me feel good about my accomplishments and improve my running.

3) If you can afford it or if you can find a cheaper used one, get the BOB Revolution jogging stroller (the one with the front wheel that can either swivel or lock in place). It’s so worth the money!

DT – Thank you for your time Anna. You have a wonderful site loaded with helpful information!


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