Running Strollers

Running strollers help make working out a family fun activity!

Running strollers are a must for my family. I have three children all under the age of four. As you can imagine, getting out that door to go jogging can be a challenging task. We have a single and a double jogger so we can get the whole family out there for a run.

I can please the whole family now. I just grab one or two of the kids, strap ’em in, and off we go. The kids love it because they are outside going for a ride. A lot of the time, we run to the park, so the kids are much more eager to jump in the stroller because they know where we are going.

Well then, what are the best running strollers? They all are pretty good according to Consumer Reports. Even the cheaper brands are tougher than a regular stroller. You can compare prices of different strollers right here. 

What is the difference between a regular stroller compared to a running one? Well, the joggers have three large wheels and a hand break. Some of the more expensive joggers have a swivel wheel in front, which also can be locked into place for going straight. The large wheels add more stability and ease when pushing. The hand break is very necessary when going down hills. You should also look for a wrist strap that connects to the stroller for safety’s sake.

When can a child start riding in one? I would recommend waiting until your young one is at least six months old. The baby should be able to keep his/her head steady and sit up before going for a run.

What is the price range for a running stroller? The cheapest you will find is around $40, and the most expensive can run up to $800. Don’t feel that you only have to use this stroller for running. We use ours for walks outside all the time because the bigger tires go over bumps much easier than a traditional stroller. If you get a model with a swivel wheel, you can take your kids in them just about anywhere.

What are the best strollers available? That is hard to tell. I have a tight budget, so I opted for two inexpensive models. They are all very durable, but the more expensive ones will be lighter, and have a swivel front wheel. Take your kids with you to the store and test some out. When you find a model you like, don’t buy it right away. There usually are deals on the internet that are much cheaper than what you can find in the store.

The only down side to running strollers is their size, and the air filled tires. They don’t fit into a trunk as easily. The tires also require air every now and again. If you have an air pump at home, this is no problem, but taking it to the gas station to get pumped up is an inconvenience.

I really recommend purchasing one if you want to keep running. It helps promote a healthy lifestyle for your kids. It also keeps you in great shape. Just try going up a few hills pushing your kids. You’ll get fit real quick doing this!

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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