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The tips4running Blog is my way of keeping you up to date with what has been added to the site recently.

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Creating the tips4running website is a continuing adventure for me. This is my first adventure into the world of creating an internet website. I love running with a passion, and I always am looking for more great tips.

I use this site for organizing my ideas about running. I want my own cross country runners to read and learn more about running and how to improve. If you haven’t ever signed up for an RSS feed or site blogged, click on the question mark “?” above the orange RSS feed button. RSS feeds are like bookmarks except they list what is new with the websites you choose.

Another way to stay in touch with tips4running is to sign up for the email version of the Running Tips Blog. Here’s a comment from one of my readers.

I have read many articles about running, etc. but really loved the real world recommendations you have. I look forward to each issue as well as any other thoughts you have based on your years of experience with high school coaching. Thank you for your writing and time. Sincerely, Scott

You can also go to YouTube and subscribe to my videos. Here are my top ten running tips.

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