Skinny Runner Interview

The Skinny Runner Interview – tips4running talks with Sarah Moore.

Welcome to the Skinny Runner Interview with Sarah Moore from This blog is wonderful and very unique. It’s funny, and not so serious like some running websites can be (mine included). Sarah doesn’t celebrate her accomplishments much, but she is a fast marathon runner who will be competing at the next Boston Marathon.

David Tiefenthaler – Hello Sarah. Thanks for the interview. What a fun blog you have! First of all, I think you do qualify as a skinny runner and not an average jogger. When and why did you start blogging about your runs?

Sarah Moore – Thanks, geez, I’m blushing. I started bloggin’ January 2009, not knowing what the heck I was doing. So I guess not too much has changed…

I started blogging to keep myself accountable with my workouts; I’ve always written them down in a notebook, but I finally decided to go all 21st century and jump on the blog bandwagon.

Recording your workouts/runs, by the way, is a great way to motivate yourself and see your tangible results and progress.

DT – Did you a run competitively in high school or college (track or CC)? When did you really get into the sport of running?

SM – I ran one year of cross country my freshman year of high school, and received the “Most Improved Runner” award which really meant, “You were horrible at the beginning of the season!” I didn’t really enjoy it and changed to other sports: basketball, softball and soccer. I even played a year of collegiate basketball, but sitting on the bench wasn’t quite as fun as it sounded.

I really got into running when my friend Reese asked me to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco in October of 2008. Full of estrogen and girl power, I said, sure! I ended up really enjoying the whole race atmosphere, and I immediately wanted to sign up for more races. (It didn’t hurt that they handed out chocolates on the course; it is a women’s race after all…)

DT – Most running websites or blogs, mine included, aren’t really much fun. You have a great sense of humor; yet give sensible and very helpful advice. Did you make a conscious decision to keep your blog light instead of serious training advice?

SM – Yes, mostly because I don’t have any serious training advice to give so I have to rely on bad jokes and copying other blogs’ information… like yours. hehe.

I’m naturally pretty sarcastic in real life (thanks a lot, Dad); growing up in a household of commercial fishermen will do that to you. Plus, I have this theory that most blogs are way too serious. People want information, but they also want to be entertained. And finally, it helps that I’m emotionally stunted and I don’t want to get all vulnerable and cry over the keyboard… hence

DT – I love the Celebricizing section. Where do you get the photos, and how did you come up with that idea?

SM – I’d like to lay a little philosophy on you if I may: “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. I started posting pictures of celebrities mostly because I had nothing else to write about or take pictures of. Readers loves to see pictures and although I post far too many of myself already, I felt it a bit self-indulgent to post a daily picture (or 10) of SR. So I started pulling pictures from all sorts of gossip sites and the Celebricizing section was born.

I now try to only post pictures/articles/information of celebrities as it pertains to fitness/working out/healthy living, but sometimes you just gotta throw in some mindless, juicy gossip.

I get the pictures from all over the web:,,,, should I keep going? And sometimes I just google image a certain celebrity.

DT – So you hate 5k’s. I like them because I still have a little speed left in my legs. How many diamonds would it take to run one? Also, what ½ marathons or marathons do you plan on running in the near future? Will you be at Boston in the spring?

SM – Ah, races. My favorite subject after celebrities… I am too slow to run 5k’s and I’m too stingy: for the race fee, I want to run more miles. So it’d probably take at least 3 good sized diamonds to get me to run a 5K. Or at least a free entry.

Future races, oh man I’m getting all excited thinking about it. I’m running the Disneyland Half on 9/5; (thinking about the Portland Marathon on 10/10), the Nike Women’s Marathon on 10/17, the Rock ‘n’ Roll LA Half Marathon on 10/24, the NYC Marathon on 11/7, and probably the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon on 12/5. Plus, whatever other races I can fit in my schedule.

I’d like to fit 6 more marathons in this year, and there is a butt ton of races that I haven’t signed up for yet that I really want to do. Have I mentioned that I get race envy bad??

Yes, I am going to run Boston next year, definitely. NYC this year and Beantown next year. I’d like to do the Exeter Marathon on the Saturday before Boston (it has stricter entry requirements than Boston), but again, we’ll see how it goes down. Sometimes I have to convince my traveling partner/husband that, yes I really NEED to run 20 races this year. All over the country too.

DT – I read a lot of your posts about the races you ran and your finishing times. You are too modest. You’re fast! I looked up some of your times and, pardon the expression, “you go girl!” I think I used that in the wrong way, but you know what I mean.

SM – Thanks, girlfriend. I’ve improved quite a bit since running my first race way back when, but I feel like I can still improve and get a lot faster. Now if only I could convince myself to do a track or speed workout…

DT – A little while ago, you posted my ten top running tips. What is your number one tip for any level of runner?

SM – Geez, getting to the hard questions! What about Lindsey and Britney and Christina??

I would probably say your tip #7 Get a running watch. I love running with my Garmin 405 because it’s a great motivator to go a little farther, run a little faster, and also a great source of information. What kind of pace was I running, how far did I run, etc. Hands down, the best running purchase I have made to date.

DT – I’m partial to the 100 Day Marathon Plan as far as marathon training is concerned (If you’re looking to PR, it’s worth it!). Do you follow a specific marathon plan when training? It seems like you run races often, so it might be hard for you to stick with one plan. Do you just stay in great shape and let it rip on race day?

SM – This is one area where I like to be a hypocrite and say: Do as I say, NOT as I do. I don’t follow a training plan, never have, and I don’t recommend it, especially to beginning runners.

I would encourage runners to find a simple plan that works with their lifestyle and goals and stick to it for the first race. And then re-evaluate what to do for the next race.

Me personally, I don’t like the feeling of “having” to run a specific distance or pace; it would become a chore for me mentally, and then I would lose all passion for running. Plus, I just plain don’t like to follow orders.

So I run. As much as I can. As fast as I can. Would a training plan help me? Absolutely, I’m sure of it. I’m just not willing to follow one. Maybe if I don’t break a 3:20 marathon in the next year, I’ll start. But don’t hold me to that….

DT – Do you run with your camera all the time? What camera do you use? Your photos look gorgeous. Do you have to stop during a run to take them or are you like, run, click, run?

SM – No, I don’t run with my camera all the time, but I don’t mind running with it either. I’m used to running with everything in my hands (ipod, keys, GU’s) so adding a camera isn’t a big deal. Yeah, I’m a weirdo…

I have the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700 which is about 2 years old so I’m sure there’s much better ones out now. I have a cheap camera case from Ross that cost like $2.

Depends on the picture, but sometimes I stop and take a picture and some are done on the fly. In races, however, I don’t stop; I just take a ton and hope one comes out good.

DT – From the amount of posts you get, I’m assuming that you have a lot of visitors to your blog. Did you ever expect your blog to become as popular as it is? Is it hard to keep up with all the comments you receive? I think your blog is a hit because of your blend of self-depreciating humor and your sensible running advice.

SM – Well, thank you. I didn’t even know what I was getting into when I started blogging so I had zero expectations about the future of SR. Now that I’ve learned a little about blogging, I definitely feel proud of the success the blog has had. I’m grateful for the support I get from readers, and the amazing, sometimes mind boggling fact that people actually want to read my nonsense.

I’ve been able to try out some pretty rad running products from some generous companies and recently Sony offered to partner with me for a promotion and pay for my entry into the NYC Marathon. Hopefully, more exciting ventures will present themselves in the future.

DT – Thanks for your time Sarah. I wish you the best of luck in the future!

SM – Thanks David and thanks for your tips on running! Like I said, they’re “not so bad” 🙂

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