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The 100 Day Marathon Plan Review at

Most marathon plans are very similar. They basically center around running three to six times a week. One of those runs will be longer than the others. Marius Bakken’s 100 Day Marathon Plan is completely different. It prepares you for a marathon efficiently and effectively, as well as helps you stay injury free during the training process.

100 Day Marathon plan

Note: Marius’s book is a digital program so you will receive it as soon as you order. Also, the book contains things you could never get from a traditional marathon plan. Included in the text are 15 instructional videos that help you through the training schedule. There are 10 more videos that focus on various topics like picking the correct training shoes, running with good form, and what to eat the day of the race.

Without getting too technical, the basis for his plan involves the combination of two training styles. The first principal is based on Italian Training for the Marathon. You actually start off by training for a 5k (3.1 miles). The next period of training focuses on a 10k (6.2 miles). Then you move into training for the marathon. There are many benefits for this style of training. The most significant reason for training this style is it minimizes the risk of injury. You won’t get bogged down with mindless long runs. There are specific goals for your workouts, and they don’t ask you to do too much too soon.

The second aspect of the training is focused on Kenyan principals. The Kenyan’s have been so successful on the international level because, contrary to most beliefs, they don’t run too hard. In order to improve your fitness, you can’t push too hard too often. You have to find a balance between easy running and pushing too hard. Marius explains how to find this balance, so you avoid injury and increase your fitness rapidly.

The book is aptly titled the 100 Day Marathon Plan because that is traditionally how long you should be working out in order to complete a marathon successfully. The training plan is very flexible though. You can cut the plan down to 60 days, or extend it up to 150 days.

Another customization of this marathon training schedule is it helps you determine what finish time you are shooting for in the marathon. There are eight different finish times you can base your training upon. The fastest plan is based on a 2 hour 45 minute goal time. The slowest plan is based upon a goal of finishing in 5 hours.

I was fortunate enough to read his entire plan before he released it for sale. It is more than worth the money. I have read a lot of running books, but I learned more from this marathon plan than any thing else I have read. You can apply a lot of the principals just to help you become a better runner in any respect even if your goal isn’t to complete a marathon.

The 100 Day Marathon Plan ebook is extremely well organized and informative. Marius’s knowledge on the subject is clearly evident in his writing. I am a better runner simply by reading it. If you are going to commit to running 26.2, then invest in the best plan there is.

– Review by David Tiefenthaler

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