Beginners Running Program

Beginners Running Program – Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight

All you need to start running is right here. The beginners running program will lead you through the best way to get into shape. Start walking, get running, and you’ll lose weight. Running is tough, but you can make it easier by training smart.

Beginners Running Program

The following information is taken directly from the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Program from

Here is a brief video explaining what the plan is all about.

This is information taken directly from the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight plan. This is the introduction of one of the four different workout schedules you can follow called “The Walk to Jog Workout Schedule.”

If you have not been active at all in the past few years, I recommend these workouts. You begin by walking for two weeks before you start jogging. Gradually you will build up your endurance so you can run continuously for 15 minutes. You have to exercise three to four times a week when you follow this plan.

Listed below is a schedule to follow for walking/jogging. This is a basic guideline. If you move from one week to the next and find the work too difficult, stick with the current workout plan. Go to the next week when you feel ready. Only add more time to the walking section if you feel great one day. Don’t run too much too soon. That can cause an injury.

Included in this workout schedule is the amount of time you should jog as well as the distance you should jog. Pick one or the other to follow. Between the jogging portions, walk for the amount of time listed. Don’t worry about distance covered during the walk.

Don’t compare and say, “I need to run my ¼ mile in 2:00.” You need to jog for two minutes, or you need to jog for a ¼ mile. At the beginning stages of jogging, chasing down a goal time for a set distance can cause you to run too fast for your fitness level. This can lead to an injury. Once you have completed the 10 week program, then you can start looking at how much time it takes you to cover a certain distance.

When you are working out, it is very important to monitor how you feel. The best work out zone for beginners is moderate to moderately hard. There are a few different scales used to judge your rate of exertion. One is based on numbers from six to 20. (Why it starts at six is beyond me). Another is from one up to ten. I have simplified both of these into a four levels of exertion to determine how hard you are working out, I use a simple “talk test.”

Perceived Level of Exertion – Talk Test Levels

Level 1 – You can sing (la, la, la!) At Level 1 you aren’t out of breath at all. The intensity of your exercise is very light. You could do an activity at this level for a very long time.

Level 2 – Singing is difficult. You can talk, but you are breathing harder. You are exercising at a moderate level. You could continue exercising at this level for at least 20 minutes.

Level 3 – You can talk but only in three to four word phrases before you have to take a big breath. You are exercising at moderately hard, but it would be hard to keep working out at this level for an extended period of time.

Level 4 – You are working very hard, and can hardly mutter a word. You are pushing yourself as hard as you can. Your body is screaming STOP!

Week # 1 – Three to Five 30 Min. Light Walks plus One High Resistance Walk (Up a hill, or up a flight of stairs).

… There are a total of 10 weeks of workout schedules. Watch the video to see more of this workout schedule. Below this video, you can grab a complete copy of this complete beginners running program for free.

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