Benefits of Running

The Benefits of Running – Body, Mind, and Spirit

The benefits of running includes so many things. This list is far from complete because researchers continue to find more benefits as running is continued to be studied. Just know this if you are looking at the big picture. Running is great for your body, mind and spirit. There isn’t much out there that can help you completely like running can.

The quick list on the benefits of running are below. As always at tips4running, keep reading for more information on each item.

1 – Weight loss
2 – Circulatory and Heart Health
3 – Muscle and Bone Strength
4 – Strengthens Immune System – Reduces Chance for Certain Diseases
5 – Self Esteem Booster
6 – Sleep Better
7 – Better Social Life
8 – Help Charity

Hanging around for the details? Wonderful! Knowledge is power. Now before you go crazy running, check with your doctor. You might have to work your way into an exercise routine. If you get the ok, and don’t know how to start, pick a beginner running routine and stick to it.

1. Run for weight loss. Running burns calories more efficiently than almost every exercise. Weight management is by far the most popular of the benefits of running. To lose one pound, a person needs to burn off around 3500 calories. Look here to see how much calories you burn according to your size and how far you go. If you stick to running, you are going to lose weight – That’s a guarantee.

2 – Circulatory and Heart Health are improved greatly by running. Your heart is a muscle. When you run, your heart rate increases for an extended period of time, making your heart stronger. When your heart is pumping all that blood your arteries expand and become more elastic during rest. This simply means you have a less chance of heart attack or stroke if you run often.

3 – If you already have ran some, you might have noticed your muscles will get sore. This is a good thing. It means your muscles and bones are getting stronger. A direct correlation for women is stronger bones means less chance of Osteoperosis. Running increases the amount of natural human growth hormone your body produces. This slows the aging process, increases your bone density, and improves muscle stamina and strength.

4 – Running strengthens your immune system. When you run, you increase your blood flow. white blood cell production also increases and these little guys are the ones that fight off diseases. My cholesteral numbers didn’t look as good as my doctor wanted a few years ago. I started running more often and my bad cholesteral (LDL) numbers dropped and my good cholesteral (HDL) went up. When you run and lose some weight, it can help you manage type two diabetes. This form of diabetes is commonly caused by obesity.

5 – Your self esteem will soar because of running. I know I feel better about myself after a good workout. Also, it is one of the few times where I can get away and have time to think and enjoy the outdoors. You can also run with friends if you enjoy company, or run on a treadmill if the weather is bad outside. No matter how you run, it is great for you physically and psychologically. Doctors even prescribe running for people suffering from depression. A sense of accomplishment is always there after a run.

6 – I am a restless soul. One of the benefits of running for me is I sleep better at night. You need to rest to recover from you runs and your mind knows this. Make sure you run at least three hours before your typical bed time though. It takes some time for your body to calm down. Running keeps your body on a better schedule. If you are inactive all day, your body and mind doesn’t transition to sleeping as good as it should.

7 – Runners are good people. I whole heartedly believe that. I should know, I met my wife through running. You don’t have to look far to find a running buddy. Almost every city or large town has a running club. Find a club, join it and get some great running partners. In addition to making good friends, you can enter in local races. This leads me to my next point.

8 – Help local and national charities. Most races that you can enter to run in benefit a charitable organization. My favorite run to enter in is “Al’s Run” in Milwaukee. This run takes the proceeds and donates it to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. There are so many other runs out there where the money from entry fees go to helping people in need, or research to fight diseases. Enter in a race to help yourself get healthy, and to help others in need.

There are even more benefits out there for running. Some of the sillier ones are your friends will be jealous of your new physique, and you might improve at spitting. Now get out there for a run. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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