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Running Tips and Training Programs Index for Beginners to Marathon Runners

At Tips4Running, we focus on providing runners with running tips on workouts, races from the 5k to the marathon, cross country running, gear, and much more. In addition to countless articles on all things running, we have two fantastic comprehensive plans for a beginner runner and for marathon training.


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Before we go any further, here are the Tips4Running top ten running tips. Let’s start with ten and count down to number one.

10. Get out the door! It is better to run for one mile than to think about running five.

9. Set your goals high. Make sure you have a running goal to accomplish. This will keep you focused. I suggest take it further and write goals for everything in life, from work to family.

8. Try some different running workouts. Add some intervals, a tempo runs, fartleks, a long run, or progressive runs to your routine.

7. Get a running watch. Keep track of how long you have ran and how much time it took. You could even get a GPS watch that stores all this running information for you.

6. Hit the trails. Running on grass instead of pavement can help prevent injuries. Your legs will thank you.

5. Strengthen that core. Sit-ups can help prevent the dreaded side stitch. Also, drink more fluids to help with cramp prevention.

4. Keep track of your runs. Log how far you have run, and how long it took you. You can do this in a running journal, or a running log online. You’ll learn what running tips work for you, or don’t work for you when you look back at your recorded runs.

3. Get a running buddy. It is easier to stay motivated if you have a friend or if you are part of a team.

2. Buy a pair of running shoes. Running is a relatively inexpensive activity. The only thing you really need to invest in is running shoes. Find a good pair. If you know your foot type, you can find good deals online by comparing prices of Men’s Running Shoes or Women’s Running Shoes.

1. Have a plan! Here are two great comprehensive programs that can help you achieve your goals. Just a beginner runner? Try the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Plan. Considering the marathon? Here is the best program out there – The 100 Day Marathon Training Plan.

Just for fun, here are 50 Reasons to Run – The useless, obnoxious, and strange things you learn when you are a runner.

Are you looking for a simple and effective beginner program? Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight is perfect for you. I’ve created a simple, safe, and easy way to work your way into an active and healthy lifestyle.

The program is designed to help you walk or run to lose weight and get in great shape. There are four different step-by-step schedules that gradually build up your fitness while making running an enjoyable experience. Watch the video for more information.

For a beginner runner, or someone who just wants to walk or run to lose weight, Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight is for you. Click on the link and sign up to receive your free copy.

Maybe you are an experienced runner who wants the best marathon training program?

Watch the video to find out more about the 100 Day Marathon Training Plan.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this plan, and there is nothing else like it on the market. This program is more than just a list of running tips. The 100 Day Marathon Training Plan covers all the bases. It has training plans based upon your goal time, making it right for everyone. You get training schedules from day one to race day.

Marius Bakken, a two time Olympic distance runner, created the plan to help people get in great shape and avoid injuries during training. In addition to eight training schudules, it includes workouts based on your specific running times or heart rate, 15 instructional videos, and 120 pages that walk you through the entire marathon preparation process.

You can read my full review here, or read more about the plan from Marius Bakken.

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I have read many articles about running, etc. but really loved the real world recommendations you have. I look forward to each issue as well as any other thoughts you have based on your years of experience with high school coaching. Thank you for your writing and time. Sincerely, Scott

Even though running is a pretty straightforward activity, any level of runner can benefit from more running tips. If there is one tip that is the most important thing that any runner needs to know, it is this. “It is better to run one mile, than to think about running five.”

You can read all the information you want about running. You can change your diet. You can try the latest cross training fad. All these things are wonderful, but the best way to improve dramatically at running is by running.

That is the focus of I want you to stay motivated, and be ready everyday to get out that door and start running. In addition to the beginner plan, and the marathon plan that is sold here, there are countless articles for many different aspects of running.

For recreational runners, read the sections about running to lose weight, cross training, or how to deal with different aches and pains you might experience as you get in shape. The truth be told, you will lose weight if you start up running and you haven’t been very active in the past. Most people who begin running don’t start eating more to make up for all the calories that are burned off by running. In actuality, many people who start up running actually adopt a healthier diet.

For competitive runners, make sure you check information on running the 5k, running cross country, and track and field. There are lots of running tips for those that are into maximizing their performances. I also suggest looking at the running interview section. Many fantastic runners have stopped by tips4running and shared their running tips with the rest of us.

If you can’t find the tips for running that you need, feel free to ask Coach Tief a question here. He’ll try to steer you in the right direction. Running is a lifestyle sport. Add years to your life by taking part in such a wonderful activity.

So there you have it. We hope you can find the running tips you need. – From running shoes to gear, you can find it here!

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

David Tiefenthaler is the founder and main contributor for In addition to running, he’s an author, and a teacher.

You can follow David on Twitter @Tiefsa or visit his blog.

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This article was written by David Tiefenthaler, the founder and main contributor for In addition to running, he’s also an author, and a full time teacher.

You can follow David on Twitter @Tiefsa or visit his blog.

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