Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight

Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight

Sign up for the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Plan.  It’s free.  The only thing you stand to lose by signing up is some weight!

Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight

Today is the day that you make a real, positive change in your life and your fitness.

Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight gives you everything you need to know from A-Z when it comes to walking, running, and weight loss. This is a comprehensive plan that is designed to get you moving, without burning you out. Running is a lifestyle sport, and the best thing that can happen is you gradually work your way into running.

You’ll find absolutely everything you need to know in order to maximize your weight loss, feel healthier, and see tremendous changes in your overall health and fitness. Watch the video below, and sign up for the free plan.

Need more information before you grab the free plan? Here’s a quick overview of the program:

Chapter One – Getting Started – S. M. A. R. T. Goals – A proven way to lose more weight, by planning your weight loss journey in advance.

– Food Journal and Running Logs – A quick sneak peek of the course to help prepare you for what’s ahead.

Chapter Two – Food – Starting a food journal – Do this right and you can double your weight loss.

– Win the war at the Grocery Store – You can’t eat foods that are “bad for you” if you don’t buy them!

– Food Tips – Ideas and suggestions for improving your food selection so you don’t get bored eating the “same old thing”.

Chapter Three – Getting Ready to Walk or Run – Did you get the okay from your physician? Make sure to keep your doctor informed of your progress!

– Running Shoes — The right shoes will make your walking and running far more enjoyable.

– Stretching for Running — The right stretches will keep you from being injured during your run.

Running Form — Get the best results when you learn how your body should move during running.

Chapter Four – Walking and Running Workout Plans – Walking Workout Schedule — Perfect for beginners, this schedule lets you ease into getting fit, no matter what your current fitness level happens to be.

– Walk to Jog Workout Schedule – Alternate walking and jogging during your workouts (this type of training can really help boost your weight loss potential).

– Beginner Jogging Workout Schedule – Start jogging and add more continuous jogging each week — as you build endurance, you’ll feel stronger.

– Barefoot Running Schedule — Running with no shoes? Try it and you may find you never want to run in sneakers again!

– Workout Ideas – Keep exercising fun and fresh.

Chapter Five – Cross Training

– Circuit Training without Weights or Circuit Training with Weights.

– Core Strength: Tighten up those Abs.

– Biking – Ride around town or pedaling on a stationary bike.

– Swimming or Pool Running.

– Yoga and Pilates.

– Cross Country Skiing.

Chapter Six – Injury Prevention and Treatments

– Five tips on injury prevention.

– Five running ailments and how to treat them.


I know that not everyone wants to take the time to read a lengthy guide — you want to get started ASAP!

And for those people, I’ve put the highlights of my guide into a quick, easy-to-follow video format that will step you through the program at your own pace.

The video lessons include everything that you get in the eBook guide, and also is FREE as a part of the Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight Plan!

Sign up below!

Please note: This is a downloadable program which is a PDF document. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website. This article was written by David Tiefenthaler, the founder and main contributor for In addition to running, he’s also an author, and a full time teacher.

You can follow David on Twitter @Tiefsa or visit his blog.

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