Train For Marathon Running

Train for marathon running – Have a great plan so you can run a great race.

It is a tall task. How do I train for marathon running? How can I make sure I will be able to cross that finish line 26.2 miles away? Even for me, a person who runs more than five times a week, a marathon is a daunting task, but it is possible.

Train For Marathon Running

There is a reason every year millions of people train to complete a marathon. People were meant to run, and completing a marathon can be one of the best accomplishments you might achieve in your lifetime. I’m here to help you get there. These are my top tips4running a marathon. If you want more information on each step, just keep reading for all the details. For the serious competitors, you can see what times will qualify you for the Boston Marathon right here.

1. Follow a training program! tips 4 running recommends The 100 Day Marathon Plan. It’s the best program out there today.
2. Get a running partner, or surround yourself by supportive people.
3. Use patience when running.
4. Make running a priority.
5. Set some smart running goals.

So you want the details on each step? Fantastic. To train for marathon running takes physical and mental strength, and knowledge is power.

1. The first and by far the most important step to train for marathon running is to have a plan to follow. The best thing out there right now is The 100 Day Marathon Plan created by former Olympic Distance Runner Marius Bakken. I actually received an advanced copy of this plan. After reading it, I contacted Marius and you can read the 100 day marathon plan interview here. The best part about this plan is it builds you up gradually towards completing a marathon at your goal time. You go from training for a 5k, to a 10k, and then focus on the marathon, all within 100 days. More information on the training plan is below.

Running without a plan is planning to fail. You have to put trust in what you are doing, and then bravely step foot on your exciting journey. Here are a few reasons why I really like the 100 Day Marathon Plan. It eliminates any guesswork. You’ll know exactly what you have to do in your day-to-day training. It prepares you for things you didn’t consider, like what shoes are right for you, or how much water or sports drink you should consume during the race. I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t the best program out there.

2. The next step is to have some friends that run with you. You can find people to do this by joining a running club, or asking a friend or family member to train with you. They don’t have to run the marathon with you, but someone to ride a bike along your side, or run with you occasionally will help you stay motivated.

There are going to be many days where you will need help from others. Getting a running partner or a support group as you train for marathon running is vital. Don’t underestimate the importance of teamwork even within your individual goals.

3. Be patient in your training. Getting in shape to run even one mile can take time. Don’t expect to run a marathon after one week or even one month of training. Matter of fact, if you end up getting injured from running, your aerobic training doesn’t have to stop. You can swim, bike, or cross train to keep your fitness level up. Then when you are healthy enough to run again, you’ll pick up where you left off. Running is a lifestyle sport, so don’t stop running after you completed your first marathon. Go for another, or just run for fun!

Sometimes, people think running a marathon is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you get into the sport of running, you can run many different races and events. Completing one marathon is a crowning achievement, but sticking with the sport of running for your continued well being is even better. If you run consistently, it won’t be nearly as difficult to train for marathon running.

4. We all lead busy lives. Make running or working out a part of your every day routine. Don’t let other things get in your way. You should schedule around running, instead of trying to find a way to schedule a run in. I have to get up before work sometimes to get my run in. I always notice on those days, my overall mood is better even if I am a bit tired or sore.

Even the most self-less individuals need to be a little selfish at times. Get out there for your training, clear your head of any distractions, and enjoy your time. You’ll be surprised at how much more focused and helpful you will be to others if you just take a little time for yourself.

5. Finally, set some smart goals. Having a written goal on what you want to accomplish will keep you focused. Have your ultimate goal visible. Post it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Then make weekly goals that will get you closer and closer to that goal.

I hope these tips help you commit to train for marathon running. Get yourself on a good marathon training schedule. There is no better time than the present to work towards accomplishing something amazing. When will you get started?

– Written by David Tiefenthaler

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